Throughout the store you will find interesting odd miscellaneaous pieces.

Items ranging from small pieces of jewellery,rings,necklaces,bracelets,and handmade painted copper earrings and turkish eye bracelets for the kids.

Odd pieces of ceramic handmade objects,handpainted fish wall hangings,ceramic hanging good luck balls,copper pieces,copper tea pots,coffee pots,cups and saucers,lanterns.

Carpet design book marks,turkish tea,coffee (kahve) ,turkish delight (Lokum) confectionary, and even brass coffee grinders.

Shisha  pipes, Hookahs,bongs whatever you call them,with fruit flavoured tobacco and coals.

Porcelain coffee cup and saucer sets,plain glass turkish tea sets.

We have lovely selection of scented olive oil soaps in coloured designed tins for the perfect gift.

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