Turkish contemporary pillow covers.

Our vast selection of exciting and elegant decorative cushion covers will enhance any home decor.Made from high quality 100% cotton fabric materials by world renowned “Pillows Store” in Istanbul.

Many designs,colours,antique, European, Turkish-ottoman, geometric shapes and textures of fabrics will enlighten and spice up your decor in any room.

Covers come in two sizes,40×40 cms and 65x65cms. We can make cushions from any fabric (as long as fabric is in stock) on the website to any size required.

Zippered for your easy convenience and all are washable and dry cleaning fabrics.

Traditional Ottoman style bolster pillows are highly decorative and elegant yet very durable.

Bolster pillows come in two sizes, 600×25 cms dia and 450×15 cms dia and are available in any fabric on the website as long as in production.

zippered for your easy convenience and fully washable or dry cleanable.

SIZES  of cushion covers correspond with the pricing.  ie 40×40 cms are $40.00 each.

Kilim covers:      40×40 cms—$40.00,    50×50 cms—$50.00,    60×60—$60.00.

Contemporary Turkish:  40x 40 cms—$50.00,    65×65 cms—-$60.00.

Please note with Kilim covers because they have been sourced from kilim fragments sizing may not be exact in cms to dimensions given, cushions may vary slightly.

Any requirements, cotton or kilim cushions we can send you pictorial in your requirements of available selection of designs and colours as the stock is changing regularly.

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