Carpets and Rugs

Ray and Kerry travel frequently to Turkey to replenish their stock of rugs and carpets for the store and to purchase individual orders for clients.We are always adding to our collection of Turkish rugs. Mainly flat weave kilims from S E Turkey,Bakhtiyari is a favourite of ours and Kayseri kilims with slit weave technique.

Genuine turkish handmade kilims are among the worlds most treasured items.Their rich and warm colours with beautiful ethnic motifs make these flat woven rugs enhance any decor and create a talking point in your home.

Turkey leads the way in a return to tradional kilim rug production. Made from natural 100% wool,cotton and silk fibres and quality natural dyes make each rug a unique,handwoven piece of ethnic art to be treasured for a life time and more.

The traditional Rahrah kilim using the Soumak techqnique are our favourites.Finely woven in tea-dyed wool are attractive and have well balanced designs.

They originate from Iran,but most are sourced from N Iraq and SE Turkey.The rahrah in turkish means road road in reference to all the horizontal lines on the carpet.

Kayseri kilims are made in central Anotolia in theKayseri region.Formally known as Caesaria,this was a trade center on the great silk road.The rugs are 100 % wool,beautiful ,natural colour dyes,and designs.These are woven using the slit weave technique which where there is colour change there will be an open slit in the weaving.

We are able to source any turkish rug and carpet to suit your likes and decor.All rugs are sourced directly from Turkey from our personal contacts and we will vouch for their authenticity and genuine quality.